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"With the premiere of “Trouble,” a mournful track of alienation, doubt, nostalgia, and ultimate resignation in the face of corrupted love, The Long Fall lives up to this thematic synopsis."- LADYGUNN.


"Presenting the debut single “Oh Love”...The roller-coaster-like ways of turbulent amour are exhibited in echoes ...that are felt beneath the glow of the moonlight or neon bulb of a bar lamp. "-Sjimon Gompers, IMPOSE.

"The Long Fall celebrates the human spirit on her song “Battle Cries,” an incredibly poignant, stirring display of our innermost beauty."- Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine.



The Long Fall is singer-songwriter Amy Rieckelman’s folk/ pop vision of life, love, and the bittersweet.


This five song collection was co-written and produced by Jason Hill (Mindhunter, Louis XIV) and engineered by Brent Puls, Stefano Bonzi, Justin Sconza, & Anthony Polcino in studios across Los Angeles, The Long Fall is the first release for Rieckelman. TLF features instrumental and vocal performances by Hill, Puls, Sconza, Polcino, Billy Harvey, & Jon Pancoast.


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